We are 5 days out from camper arrival! Our staff  jumped right in to staff training on Saturday and since have had a fair share of “selfies,” teambuilding and learning about our 8 core values.

Saturday started off with a tour around camp where staff were asked to take selfies at various places around the farm.  Some of the best photos included bringing in the baby animals, their favorite fruits or vegetables from our garden, and exploring all the fun things about the farm.

IMG_1307 IMG_0898 20140621_172535_2

Yesterday included a full afternoon of teambuilding! The staff tried out our newest element, the Whale Watch, which involves balancing an unsteady wooden platform.  This took skill and balance!  Staff also partook in a partnered blindfolded trust walk through the garden, learning to have confidence and faith in their coworkers.


Our staff have also been taking a lot of time to think about Frost Valley’s eight core values as well as their own values.  Our opening campfire related to this summer’s  theme, Make Ripples, and staff were challenged to focus on an important question:  What impact do you want to make?


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