This morning the boys of yurt 7 braved the cold and the dark to do a sunrise hike on the popular trail of Giant’s Ledge! The boys left camp at 4am and drive about 40 minutes to the trailhead. They hiked up 1.5 miles in the dark, and ate breakfast with one of the most beautiful views in the Catskills.





When they got back to camp, they slept the entire morning as a reward for waking up so early.

Back on camp, some campers participated in an American Civil War specialty, which was led by our resident history buff and barn manager Jess. Today campers learned to prepare for battle, march in formation, and charge the enemy, all using brooms as rifles and bayonettes.

Excellent form.

Excellent form.


Later today: boating, Specialty 2, Yurt Time, and all- camp game of Biff & Medic!

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