Today, it’s a gorgeous day for being outside! Usually around this time of the summer we begin experiencing the cooler weather and the first breezes of Autumn, but this morning the sun is out and shining bright. Campers and counselors are embracing the heat and diving into water activities. Our adventurous campers of Forest are cooling off with the slip and slide. There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a running start into the splashing noodles of doom held by the counselors. runningslipandslide


slipandslide smiles

Pokey Totem is taking in the sun too! Over at waterfront we find campers relaxing on the beach and splashing around in the lake. How lucky are we to experience this 70 degree sunshine in the beauty of the catskill mountains?!

In our last week of camp we’re all so grateful for this wonderful weather. Campers and counselors alike are taking advantage of every little moment! We’ll be very sad when it’s time to leave!

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