Hello All! this is Emma from the barn here. This session has been a busy one! The campers were able to greet two new additions to the barn. One of our does, Pearl kidded on Tuesday and had a boy (Midnight) and a girl (Starlight). One group actually saw the new babies just five minutes after being born, and got the chance to name them!

During barn time, we’ve been writing notes, facts and poems in our barn journals. I wanted to share three poems written by campers this session:


Starlight, Midnight

New baby goats cute

Loving, sweet snuggle

All day long.



A baby goat

Small, sweet, wet

When in, comes out

Dry after mother licks.

-Esther Grace


Jealous pests mouths

Wide open, impatient

For their food.

-Hazel (this poem is about the barn swallows)



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