Session one is quickly coming to a close here at East Valley Ranch, but that isn’t stopping the girls from having their fun! Tuesday the girls got some exciting news after breakfast when it was their turn to go to the barn. Tuesday was a trail day at EVR and all of the girls got to go on an extra long trail up in the mountains! While some of the groups were riding the others had a special visitor from the main camp, PETER. Peter came and did so many fun new games and activities with the girls that everyone asked if he could come back and visit again sometime!

After their fun day of riding and running around playing games (and a visit from the STORE!) we thought it would be a special night to do something new for evening program! It was a program that was done by the entire camp, so both the two week and four week programs got together for a Wild Wild West (or East!) Murder Mystery Party! Everyone ran to their yurts and got dressed up in their best cowgirl outfits and met together to try and solve the crime! Each of the staff members were given a character to portray throughout the evening which really brought everything to life! The girls got to interact with all of the characters and ask questions to try and figure out ‘whodunit?’. Even the staff had no idea who was the true “murderer” of “Wild Will Hiccup” so it was a story and surprise for all as the girls got closer and closer to figuring it out. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that it became quite clear that EVR’s Murder Mystery night might just have to become a tradition!

Yesterday the girls woke up to wrangle before flag raising and breakfast. Once again we split up into our groups of two so that half of the girls had a lesson and a small trail ride while the other girls went down to the farm again to enjoy WATERFRONT! After a hayride down to the farm the girls got to splash around and cool off in the water as well as make some fun chants that will definitely be needed tonight.  After lunch and rest hour the girls got to flip flop. Everyone finished up their lessons and time down at waterfront before dinner (everyone’s favorite PIZZA WEDNESDAY). Evening program was once again special as the girls decided to celebrate one of the instructor’s birthdays! The girls sang and shared skits and talents around the campfire for Bex’s birthday.

It was definitely a bittersweet moment for the girls as we sat around closing campfire. The girls got to take a few moments and remember all of their most favorite memories that they have had over the past two weeks here at East Valley Ranch! The girls even wrote some down for us that we will send out to them in a few months time so they can be reminded of what they cherished while they were here! Devotion was lead by one of the staff members where the girls got to reflect on how they’ve grown over the past two weeks before it was time for, you guessed it, S’MORES! After everyone had finished we had a MASSIVE sing along around the campfire where we didn’t go to bed until every song had been sung and danced to!

Today the girls have spent their last day at EVR having an extra long lesson with their horses followed by a trail ride! A super fun ground lesson on parts of the horse had all the girls laughing and playing games with their counselors. After that the girls spent some time making cheers because tonight is a very BIG competition! The campers in Mustang Village over in the West Valley are going to be driving over to EVR shortly to have a friendly competition we call EAST VS. WEST! The girls are ready to compete and win on their own ‘home ground’! Right now everyone is on the front lawn practicing their cheers showing off their East Valley Ranch pride!

We <3 EVR!

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