Farm Campers were selected by the Master of the Elements to represent the teams of Fire, Water, Wind, Water, and Earth.  After a rigorous sorting process, the teams broke off into a variety of competitions and creative play such as running like the wind in an obstacle course, fire building competitions, waterballoon tosses, and rock collecting in the garden earth. Wind won the Stong and Tough award, Water won the Sportsmanship Award, Earth won the most Core Value Points, and Fire was the overall winner with the most element points!


Doug as the Master of the Elements

IMG_1718 IMG_1719 IMG_1721 IMG_1723

Dana was the leader of Wind, Zack the leader of Fire, Sam the leader of Water, and Kate the leader of Earth.

IMG_1733 IMG_1728 IMG_4866

The sorting Ceremony

IMG_1760 IMG_4929


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