Ontario Outback

The last 24 hours have been full of excitement for the sojourners in Canada. As they returned from a hike Thursday evening they found that their campsite had been the daytime hangout for a mischievous bear. Unfortunately, this bear ate well and did so at the expense of our guys up north.

“Canadian bears are smarter than we thought”, were the words of Todd as he called in on the satellite phone. Smart enough to unscrew the lid on the buckets, and realize that the only buckets worth taking are the ones that still had food. To some this would be a setback, but to those who have chosen the Ontario Outback, it was just one more challenge in the epic story of the Canadian wilderness.

They moved across the lake to a new site, met up with two families who were also visited by the bear and set up a group campsite. They all shared some snack food and prepped for today’s efforts to change itinerary and resupply their food. Today, their stomachs grumbled a bit, but spirits were high as Mandy took Chelsea and Dylan ahead without gear so they could quickly get the reserve supply of food from the bus and meet back up with the rest for a feast.

As I write this, they are all safe, dry, and well fed. Their major concern since the bear ate their food was that it would force them to shorten their canoeing, and we’ve solved that with an adjustment to the itinerary that keeps them out on the water the whole time .


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