So it’s been hot…. and we’ve been playing games to cool off. One of which is a HUGE hit with all the campers – The EVR Bucket Drop! Everyone sits in a large circle on the grass and we fill up several bucket of water. One person (the one with a bucket) picks a category which for example could be ‘colors’… then walks around the outside of the circle asking everyone they pass what color they think it is… as soon as someone says the color the ‘bucket holder’ is thinking, the water gets dumped on their head. On a hot day like today EVERYONE is hoping they pick the right color! It’s a funny game and everyone gets wet including the staff 🙂

We also had a spa day for the ponies today where everyone got to wash their own horse and then groom them for a turn out competition – the horses all looked very pretty!

We LOV horses and we LOVE the EVR Bucket Drop!!!

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