We have reached the end of the week, and the end of a truly awesome session. The girls have been great and really seem to have enjoyed themselves… We love watching them grow as riders but also love watching them form friendships that will last a lifetime.

While each lesson group has been progressing throughout the week – some girls are working on independently trotting and other groups have just completed their first canter – we have been teaching the girls some new skills out of the saddle too. Here at EVR we are lucky enough to have two AWESOME draft horses – Jeffie and Boomer – that allow us to practice a technique called vaulting. Vaulting is basically gymnastics on horseback – the riders are led around with no reigns or saddles and taught how to balance and move around on horseback – a truly unique experience!

We have also taught each of the girls how to ‘join-up’ with a horse… We demonstrated the skill to them earlier on this week and today was their chance to try it themselves. It’s a really awesome thing to watch and try.

We are also very lucky to have Casper one of our horses that used to be used to pull a horse and cart – also known as ‘driving’. Yesterday, each of our campers were invited to try driving Casper around the arena themselves! (see smugmug.com for pictures!)

Tonight is our traditional East vs. West night where the Mustang Village campers come over from the West Valley and compete in a series of games and competitions to see which valley is the best! The girls have been practicing their cheers all day!


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