It’s day four of Session 1 of Mustang village and it is that start of another beautiful hot summer day in the Catskills.  Yesterday the girls spent a good portion of the day at the barn.  They did ground lessons on horse health and care.  Then to put some of the new skills they learned into practice when they bathed a group of the horses.  Horse bathing is a popular activity for girls, horses and staff.  It is cool and refreshing, and is something a little bit different.  During their ride time the groups all did a riding lesson to work on building their confidence and riding skills.  Then they had the chance to use those skills out on the trail.  Mustang girls traversed the Neverink trail which is a scenic ride through the woods.  At the end of their time at the barn, all of the girls helped with stable management.  This teaches girls the responsibility of horses as they help with turnout, barn cleaning, and preparing food for the horses for the next morning.  Waterfront, games and crafts rounded out an amazing day!

This morning at breakfast the girls were excited for two things….PANCAKES and WATERFRONT.  They were heading down to swim and play at the lake.  Don’t worry, everyone made sure to apply extra sunscreen 🙂  Now that we are a couple of days into the session, strong new friendships are building.  Girls are trying new things and are excited for the challenges the staff have designed for them.  Later today they will enjoy more time at the barn with their horses!

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