I can’t wait for warmer weather.  Soaking up the sun, enjoying time outdoors, and spending more time with the horses.  Each spring we prepare for the best time of year….Summer Camp!  Parents of campers from all over the East Coast send their campers to Frost Valley’s Horse Programs, and they always have their fair share of questions.  Here are a few of the most common ones….

What type of horses do you have and are they safe?   We have horses of every age, size, breed, and ability.  We pride ourselves on having a group of outstanding lesson horses that are specifically chosen for their patient and calm personalities.  Horses receive regular training by our staff members and if they show any signs of injury or illness, they are removed from the program until they are deemed ready by the staff.  Some of our horses are ideal for the first time rider, and we have some that are a great challenge for a rider with a lot of experience.  We strongly believe that our horses are one of the biggest assets to our program!

What type of equipment will my child need to bring?   Riders are required to have long pants every day at the barn.  Most riders (even those who normally ride English) choose to wear denim jeans.  If your child would rather wear Jodhpur’s then that is fine as well.  We also require sturdy sneakers or boots.  Our stirrups have a protective cover which prevents a riders foot from slipping through, so any kind of sturdy footwear is acceptable.  Comfort is key because campers spend so much time on their feet and in the saddle.  They should have footwear that has been broken in…new boots/sneakers right before camp can be painful for a camper.  We provide ASTM certified helmets for every rider, however if your camper has their own ASTM certified helmet that they would like to bring, that would be fine.

What level will my child be riding at?  Campers of all ages and abilities come to the Frost Valley YMCA Horse Program.  We spend the first day of every session evaluating riders on their horsemanship abilities.  Riders are then assigned a horse and placed in a lesson group with an instructor.  The other riders in your child’s lesson group will be at the same level to allow them to progress comfortably.  We strive to ensure each rider has an excellent lesson horse, and is placed in a group that will help them feel  safe, yet challenge them to build new skills.

Check back for more commonly asked questions….post any that you can think of and I would be happy to answer them!

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