Last night the farm experienced lots of rain and thunder, but you would never know it based on all of the smiling faces!

We started off lastnight with a pizza dinner and then an (indoor) opening campfire, where campers of all ages performed skits, songs, and jokes. It was a rainy night and everyone fell asleep to the sounds of rain drops falling on the yurts.

We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and started the day off with chores. After a big breakfast, campers chose their first specialty from the options of nature art, sports, barn, garden, team building, and arts & crafts. Campers then separated into their groups and started their respective activities, setting the morning off to an energetic start!



The excitement was almost too much to bear.


Up next this afternoon: boating, specialty 2, yurt time, and an all-camp night activity, Messages to Garcia.

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