Check-In day may have been filled with rain and stormy weather, but it is sunny and hot in the valley now.  We are expecting great weather for the whole week with just a passing chance of a thunderstorm.  The last two days have been a whirlwind of activity for Mustang Village.  Our computers and phone lines have been fixed so we are posting tons of photos and wanted to give you an update. 

On Monday the girls all did really well on their riding evaluations.  Some were nervous but they did an excellent job.  They learned the ropes at the Frost Valley barn and are now comfortable leading, grooming and tacking our horses.  The lake was a little chilly at first for swim tests but after about 10 minutes the sun was beating down making everyone excited to get into the water.  Everyone is making new friends, enjoying food in the dining hall.    After dinner we also celebrated Cierra’s birthday with a special cake, birthday cheers and a round of the hoola hop.  During the evening Mustang girls climbed to High Falls, which was really flowing thanks to Sunday’s rain storm.

Today the girls will all assigned their horse for the session.  Our barn manager Georgina worked very hard to find the ideal horse match for each Mustang rider.  They are riding as I type, and the smiles across the faces tell me that they like their horse assignments.  Half of the girls tried the high adventure element “Flying Squirrel” while half of the girls made candles.  They will swap later in the week so they each have the opportunity to try both camp activities.  Tonight the girls will have the chance to be silly and make skits to present to the group. 

Tomorrow looks like another beautiful day in camp!  Hopefully it brings more happy memories for Mustang girls to share with you when they return home!

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