The sun has FINALLY come to join us for summer at East Valley Ranch –

1063927_10200854563479433_1186869387_oand it has made quite an entrance! Today it is blazing hot which means only one thing at EVR… Time to hit the trails. We have spent our whole day out on the trails under the shade of the trees enjoying the stunning views at the top of High Ridge. We are fortunate enough to have enough trails to keep us busy for hours and hours at a time.

We also have spent the past two mornings at Waterfront enjoying the cool, refreshing water on the Neversink River with our amazing multi-talented staff members that are not only skilled riding instructors and counselors but are also fully qualified lifeguards! We will definitely be making the most of them, too, if the weather continues like this!

When we are not in the saddle, we have been learning new things about horses – such as veterinary care, breeds and colors and Horse Jeopardy!
Last night’s evening program was spent hiking through the miles of trails we have here in the East Valley – playing a game we like to call CAMOUFLAGE!! When a counselor yells camouflage EVERYONE has to make themselves as camouflaged as possible so that their counselor has to look really hard to find them again. Lots of muddy faces and leafy hair-dos!

This weekend is BAREBACK DAY on Saturday where the girls get to try their new skills on horseback with out a saddle. Sunday is our super secret surprise THEME DAY! Check back on Monday for the latest blog update and to find out what our AMAZING theme day surprise was.

The girls that are here with us for a month have been learning all about Equine Massage with our trained Equine Physiotherapist that we have here on staff allllll the way from South Africa – and trying out some of the new techniques they have learned on their own horses! It has been a pretty amazing way of bonding with their horses and helping them feel really good all at the same time.

Photos will be updated to soon – our internet has been giving us some troubles but we will have them posted as soon as possible!

WE LOVE EVR <3<3<3

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