(This is a guest post written by a volunteer “J” who was here last week)  I want to say a few things about the weather. We’ve had sunshine, moonshine, starshine, wind, humidity, and it’s rained every day since Sunday. Ugh, you might think. But the exact opposite is true. Like the earth revolves around the sun, activities revolve around the weather. The weather is not a big deal because nobody treats it like a big deal. There’s no psycho weatherperson at flag raising  impending doom or storm tracker pictures. You simply dress for the day (sometimes that could be a few different outfits including footwear, so make sure to send you child with lots of clothes—especially socks and under garments and a pair of boots). I think when I come home, I’ll nix the morning radio reports, look out the window, and listen to music. J.

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