This morning the village woke up and danced! We had morning reflection and in place of true reflection we wiggled our waggles away.

After breakfast the cabin groups slipped into their respective cabin groups for some bonding time. It was hot again so it was great to put our toes into the spring water and spend time in the shade next to a babbling brook.

Low ropes, creative writing, dream catchers, creative writing.

After tent time the boys headed out with the Adventure Director for Fungus Amungus! Basically we took our mushroom identification books into the woods and identified some of the local mushrooms. There’s a ton of mushrooms popping up all over the forest right now with all the rain we’ve been having. We got down on all fours and gave them their latin names!

DSCN4699 DSCN4695
Amanita frostiana                                                               Ganoderma lucidum


The girls buddied up with Tacoma village from the Hird to hit the hills and do some Mo’ Creekin’. The two villages have bonded and it was great to have our female campers share Adventure with some of the other parts of camp.

After rest hour and lunch Adventure began an epic game of Messages to Garcia. A game where campers and counselors pass messages and across a field and avoid being tagged to gain points. Lots of activity, tons of fun. Our game was interupted by a brief thunderstorm though, so we bounced inside and started cranking away on Hard Skills. This is where we build our wilderness knowledge and craft our outdoor skills so that when we hit the trail we’ll be safe and smart. Never in the woods unprepared! Some of the things we worked on was artistic tarping, stove skills, fire making, Leave No Trace, what to do whens, etc. All around great fun!

This evening, we hung around inside as the thunderstorms returned and did a large devo around a camp fire. Another amazing end to another amazing day.

Mini trips are just around the corner!

NOTE: Many of you may have noticed the Hurricane moving up the coast. We are monitoring it’s progress and making decisions accordingly. The safety of our campers is our top priority. As we can project it will not intersect with our programs, that being said, hurricanes have been known to shift and we’re are well prepared at this time with backup plans should the weather turn inclement.

Happy Trails!

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