Hi all this is farmer John.  Leigh has finally given me lessons on how to blog so I don’t have any excuses for not sharing what is going on.  Session 2 is up and going in full swing.  Last evening I took a quick tour of sports night after meeting with my leadership crew (Erin and Leigh) and I was fully impressed by what I saw.  Every single camper was taking part in the various activities of sports night.  There was a lot of fun yelling and laughing happening.  I paused for a moment to say to myself that this was a really fun community.  

In the next week we will be going through evaluations with every staff member to talk about how they are doing on their goals for this summer and what they could do differently to get the most out of the rest of their summer.  I am very excited about these conversations as I respect this staff and look forward to challenging them to be the best every single minute. 

The campers in yesterday’s garden classes were AMAZING helpers!  They cleaned out a 85 foot bed of peas (pulled all the plants out and  picked off 20#’s of peas, which were a yummy addition to the salad bar) and then continued on by picking up a couple wheel barrows full of rocks to get the area ready for then next crop.  I was floored at how much they can do when they put themselves to a task.  It was also exciting for me to look at each of the camper and ponder which one may be a steward/farmer/director of Farm Camp in the future. 

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3 thoughts on “Yeah I’m a blogger now!

  1. It’s great to read your blogs and see the pictures of what is going on….I have such a better idea of what the kids are doing there this year. Sounds and looks like they are having a great couple of weeks living on a farm!

  2. As grandmother to Ruby Baron, I am so pleased she is part of the wonderful happenings I have been reading about…I hope she was in Session one…observing nature in the camper choice of Creekside Nature poetry…The set of lines written by Solange was amazing.
    As I am reading now about the Kick off of your Second Session, I wish I was with her in the hay loft for movie night (at 68 that would be a first for me) and part of helping her the harvest of the peas for the salad bar the other night!
    ONE GRATEFUL NANA…whose daughter found such a special camp like yours!

  3. Pleased to read the wonderful happenings in Session one…the camper choice of Creekside Nature poetry is something I hope my grandaughter chose….The lines by Solange is amazing.
    The Second Session’s choice of a hay loft for movie night and harvest the peas for the salad bar the other night is just why farm camp was for her!
    ONE GRATEFUL NANA…whose daughter searched for such a special camp like yours!

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