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Halloween comes early at East Valley Ranch!

The first week of session three at East Valley Ranch sure went by quickly! Everything is so busy, busy and the girls are having a BLAST.

Saturday was a bit of a different riding day as all of the riding groups got to experience bareback riding! Each riding group got the opportunity to try riding without a saddle while the other groups  went through various stations, including horse painting!  All of the groups got a chance to ride before lunch and after rest hour it was time to go to waterfront to cool off!  After spending the rest of the afternoon in the water it was time to get back into the hay ride wagon and head back to the ranch for dinner. Saturday night’s dinner was a bit of a special East Valley Ranch tradition as it was spaghetti. The girls had to forget about eating dinner with their silverware because it was EAT WITH YOUR FACE NIGHT! Sauce was everywhere and everyone was laughing as they tried to find the perfect technique! The evening ended with a talent show around the campfire where the girls showed off dance routines, sang songs among many other talents.

Yesterday was our theme day here at EVR. Everyone got the chance to sleep in a little before brunch was served at 11:30.  After brunch the announcement was made that everyone had the next hour to prepare because the day was…HALLOWEEN! The girls rushed to their yurts and arts and crafts to start putting costumes together while East Valley Ranch transformed itself for the holiday that came early! East Valley Lodge became home to many different competitions, tasks and projects that gave all of the girls a chance to win some candy!  The girls could win prizes for being the best dressed, or getting in apple in ‘bobbing for apples!’ Games such as ‘One Ghost, Two Ghosts, Red Ghost, Blue Ghost’ and ‘Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar’.  The girls also got the chance to take a trip to a ‘secret laboratory’ and play with a very cool experiement…OOBLAK, inspired by Dr. Suess. After that it was time for a movie before dinner! Showers followed and the night ended with a super fun lip-sync and dancing competition! At the end we played a round of ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics’ where the girls got the chance to stand in the front and show off their skills when it came to knowing a song! They all did great!

Today Yurt 3 woke up early to wrangle the horses before flag raising. After breakfast the girls learned that the schedule flip flopped for the second week! So the girls who had been previously riding in the morning would now ride in the afternoon and vice versa.  When one group was down at the barn for their riding lessons the other group of girls got a chance to see a round pen demonstration where they got to learn all about join-up! Join-up emphasizes a training for horses that is based solely on trust and it was really cool for all of the girls to see! After that the group then went to the arts and crafts barn to learn about what was necessary for a barn to function before they could design their own! There were so many new and cool ideas that were presented in the new barns. Lunch and rest hour followed before it was time for the groups to flip flop.  Turnout and stable management was just finished and dinner is now starting, I can hear all the girls talking in the dining hall about their day spent riding! Evening program for the night is something that the girls have been asking for all week- a HORSELESS HORSE SHOW! I can’t wait to see what creativity we’ll see tonight from the girls.

We <3 EVR!



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