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Happy Campers!

Hello There!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are all having a great time!  The kids helped make the overnight a spectacular success!  We had wonderful weather, it rained just a tad before we headed out and the wee ones got rides up to Pete’s Pavilion.  We hung out, played GIRANIMO, cooked hot-dogs over the fire with one of our chef’s – Anti – and made the traditional S’mores that we all loved!  We all ended up rolling our sleeping bags out on the ground and slept under the stars and it was so beautiful!


When we got up in the morning we had a simple breakfast and were treated to a fantastic performance by our theatre class who preformed a skit about what it’s like to come to Farm Camp.  We then headed back down the mountain with our Gorp and found some fun ferns, mushrooms and got to eat some fun edible plants like hemlock needles (no, they are not the poisonous water hemlock) and some Yellow Wood Sorrel, commonly called by the campers as Lemon Hearts because of their bitter taste.

Once we got back to Farm Camp (YEAH!) everyone sat down for a big brunch and off to Colonial Day we went!  There were mule rides, a blacksmith demonstration, a rousing game of town ball and we even had a treasure hunt all before our BBQ dinner!  Our evening program was a crazy game of Capture-the-Flag – and we all (as counselors) picked up some fun tricks to running that even better the next time 😛

Today is our chill day – good to recover from the chaos and high energy of last week.  We all slept in, had a lazy brunch, had some team building time and we’re about to head over to the Straus Center to do some more Project Adventure Games, Outdoor Living Skills, Low Ropes and Trust Games.  We’ll pick back up on the regular schedule tonight with Dinner, Chores & our evening program – MOVIE NIGHT up in the Hayloft!

All in all – we are having an amazing time and are getting to learn not only a lot during our different classes but also are being reminded everyday of working on some core values of friendship, trust, forgiveness, responsibility, accountability, teamwork and many more.  The campers are doing a great job helping to learn from each other and challenge each other to work on all of those skills.

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend & I’ll check back in soon!





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