3 canoes on lake cole

Happy Friday!

Can’t believe the first Friday of the summer has come and gone, what an action packed day it was! Despite the rainy morning, the weather ended up becoming so sunny and beautiful. I caught up with Tacoma/Lenape as they spent time creeking, rock painting, and enjoying the beautiful area surrounding Biscuit Creek.

We made rock paint by rubbing the surface of a smaller rock against the larger one to create a thick, paint like consistency that we could spread on one anothers faces and arms! We created variations of browns, oranges and even some light blues.

Sacky and Hemlock spent the afternoon building “shelters” around camp using materials like found wood, ferns, decorative flowers that could potentially stand against the wind, rain, snow, or any other type of weather that could potentially occur!

In the morning, Winding enjoyed a guided mediation led by a former camp director and active alumni in the community, Al Filreis. Later on, they hung out with the 11 year old boys on the volleyball courts near our lake to have a beach party themed afternoon! While PAC spent the morning touring the castle on our property and playing a super silly game called sardines. Sardines is a reverse hide and seek, where one person hides and everyone walks around looking for them, once the person is found the seeker gets into the hiding spot with them until eventually the whole group ends up packed into one small hiding spot, where it gets the name sardines from! They loved it so much they asked to play it again atleast once more before the session ends.

We look forward to even more action packed, silly days ahead!


Meredith Gray

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