Harvest Day at the Farm!

Yesterday was a very exciting day at the farm. Not only did we get ice cream sundaes at brunch, but we spent the entire day cooking as a community! Each yurt created a dish, showcasing farm camp ingredients, which we all ate together for dinner that night! This harvest day, we ate gnocchi with meat or pesto sauce, salad with dressing(s), zucchini fritters, sour dough bread, lime and cucumber soup, berry juice, and finally, berry tarts with homemade crusts for desert! It was an awesome, and delicious, day.

Today, campers signed up for new specialties, which, as always, includes spending time in our barn and garden. Tonight, our neighbors at the East Valley Ranch joined us for a Challenge Night with Al Filreis. We all joined together in eight teams to compete in various activities like wheelbarrow racing, dancing and even Simon Says!

We’ve had a great two days, we can’t believe it’s already week two of session three!


Build Strong

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director


Marissa Shadburn

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