Harvest Day at the Farm!

It has been a busy fun-filled few days at Farm Camp! The kids are all loving the daily routine of specialties, campers’ choice and chores (yep, they even enjoy chores here!). The last few days have been jam-packed with activities like the Dance, French Rev (a game played in the woods in the dark that is like hide and go seek but better!) and beat the clock charades, which was run by our FITs (Farmers in Training).

The highlight of the last few days was definitely Harvest day. The day started with the campers getting to sleep in which was needed after the busy first week. Then they all went to the garden to harvest ingredients to make dinner for everyone. Each yurt was assigned a part of the meal to create and all of it was delicious!!

Yurt 1 made fritters out of squash and potatoes!

Yurt 2 made sweet tea and watermelon & mint water! 

Yurt 3 made Zucchini bread!

Yurt 4 made Brownies with eggs from our chickens!

Yurt 5 and 8 made Pasta with a choice of meat sauce or garlic cream sauce!

Yurt 6 made a salad!

and Yurt 7 made a vegetable stir fry!

All of the campers and staff thoroughly enjoyed dinner that night and there were definitely no empty tummies after that meal!

I hope y’all are looking out for the photos being uploaded to smug mug!

Joke of the day:

Q: What do you call a sleeping bull?

A: A Bulldozer!

Have a great afternoon!



Nicki Macy

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