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Hello from Greg, hiking class, younger boys yurt

Hi. My name is Greg Plant and I’m a counsellor for the younger boys yurt here at Frost Valley Farm Camp. One of my other roles is helping to co teach the two hiking classes we offer to our campers. I am from central England and I came to America to learn about your culture after studying it in my Politics major. The session so far has gone well. In the beginners Hiking classes last week we introduced the children to landforms that are around them and identifying plants and animals. One of the places we took them to was the Cascades which is a series of seven small Waterfalls set behind the camp. The kids took a keen interest im some of the things we had to say. Ive been impressed by their curiosity and honured to show them features of the environment they have never seen before. This week we began advanced hiking and have tought them further skills such as taking bearings on a compass and creating maps from those bearings.

The kids in our yurt have all been fun and enjoyable to Mike and myself. Gabriel has taken the role as the leader of our yurt. Blaise has become the Yurt comedian. Jack has set an example of cleanliness. Brams maturity shines through. Giovanni, Elias and Aron are all very enthusiastic about the camps activities. Alex always takes an interest in everything that goes on around him. We were told today that we have come joint first in the cleanest Yurt competition with the other boys Yurt. This has helped to show to the boys that all the hard work of keeping the Yurt clean has paid off. We are yet to find out what the reward is but they suspect it is food of some sort, possibly ice cream. We are very proud of them.

I look forward to the rest of the weeks activites. The dance night and Farm fest are yet to come and all the children seem to be excited for them. I look forward to writing soon.



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