3 canoes on lake cole

Here comes the weekend!

Happy Friday! What a day we’ve had today, despite the rain! Earlier in the day I caught up with Tacoma village as they did various arts and crafts, including the crowd favorite – screen printing! One camper even screen printed an amazing handmade Frost Valley logo on her crazy creek, how fun! Another group of campers was doing the traditional camp favorite, tye dye!

Then, I caught up with Sacky and Hemlock as they enjoyed the MAC block party! Here at Frost Valley, we have a program for children ages 7-24 with developmental and intellectual disabilities. All the campers live in lodges that are set up in a cul-de-sac on camp, hence the nickname “The MAC block” where the block party gets its name! Although the rain had us adjust the block party indoors, we still had all our favorite activities there, including the bouncy castle! Campers of all ages cannot get enough of it, and I’ll admit I had some fun in there myself!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend just like us! Fingers crossed the sun comes out again tomorrow!


Meredith Gray

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