3 canoes on lake cole

Hereeee we go!

Session two is officially under way and we couldn’t be anymore excited! After a little bit of an overcast morning, the beautiful sun came out to spend the day with us!

I was able to catch up with Tacoma while they spent the morning building shelters in Peace Park using the natural materials they could find – branches, sticks, pines, fallen trees, flowers! When I found them, they were all pretending to be multi-million dollar real estate agents selling me their property which made for some very hysterical (and slightly ridiculous) interactions!

Next, I caught up with some Sacky/Hemlock campers as they enjoyed the sunshine in the creek! Some kids were skipping rocks, some were painting on larger rocks using the “paint” they were able to make from rubbing smaller rocks into one another, some were painting each other! Creeking is a favorite activity here at Frost Valley and happens constantly; it is a wonderful opportunity to cool off in some chilly water and allow your creativity to run wild as you create rock towers, or small dams to redirect the water flow by shifting the rocks around, all while surrounded by the beautiful scenery the valley has to offer!

Our oldest villages, PAC and Windsong are on trail for their traditional two night three day overnight! When I caught up with them they were all in high spirits and building the fires to cook their pita pizzas, an overnight favorite. They are so lucky that they’ll have the chance to spend not only one but two nights under the bright starry skies the Catskills provide us with.



Meredith Gray

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