Here’s to New Beginnings

Session three of Farm Camp is off to a busy start with activities, waterfront, and evening programs. The start of of the session always brings new energy and new beginnings. Camp is a magical place where campers form new friendships, try new activities, and learn new skills. I can’t wait to see how they all grow throughout the session.

On Sunday, all of the campers did a tour of camp and got to know all of the people living with them in their yurt. In the evening we did our opening campfire. At opening campfire the campers and staff sing songs, performs skits, and share their talents. Wow, do we have a lot of talent at Farm Camp!

Yesterday was the first day of all our specialties. A specialty is an activity that the campers pick on Monday and then attended every day for the week. The Specialty 1 options this week are: Raspberries in the Garden, Barn Science Experiments, Music, Bread and Butter, and Fairy Community Building. The garden class is learning how to make different snacks and foods our of raspberries. Music specialty is utilizing all of our campers musical talents to write music together. I hope the perform at closing campfire! Bread and butter will be making both of those snacks this week. This morning they were collecting herbs and currants to add to their butter! Lastly, our farm campers are building fairy houses in the woods by the cascades.
In the afternoon, our campers picked between Barn, Garden, Upcycling, The Great British Bake Off, and Mindfulness for their second specialty of the day. There are so many great options out there, I am not sure how our campers choose! Keep your eye on the photos and blog to see what each specialty is up to throughout the week.


Nicki Macy

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