3 canoes on lake cole

Hikes, challenge games and stick ponies!

Thursday was a lovely day so Mustang decided to go on a hike! They went to the see the beautiful view of high falls. This waterfall is nestled into the woods behind the lake. When you finally reach the waterfall there are steps down to a platform that faces the rushing water. You get to feel a mist from it! Only a few people are allowed on the platform at a time so the other girls waited at the top and took in the scenery. Mustang was able to look at all the wildlife on the way there and back and even see one of the resident Beavers that live in Lake Cole. The Mustang girls have been getting so involved in our hoopla at lunch that our small village of 19 girls were louder that a whole village of girls! They are really getting into the spirit of things! The evening ended with a nice movie in our small building called model forest. We have blankets and popcorn and everyone was so cozy even though there was a huge storm outside!

Friday already? This week has gone so fast! The girls are still making there mark at hoopla! So loud and passionate! It’s great to see them all getting involved! This morning the girls got to hang out with our theatre councilor Harry. They played challenge games! They were in three teams and had to do things like guide a blindfolded person to an area of the room but Harry would move objects in front of them. Mustang worked so well in their teams and had the best energy when trying to complete their tasks. A storm has rolled in again today so Mustang is currently making their very own stick pony! They even have yarn for hair. Maybe they can show you when they bring it home. Let’s hope the storm clears so we can head out on our trail ride!


Chantelle Brooks

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