Camp Henry Hird Session Three is off to a wonderful start. We have been so busy with activities that we haven’t even told you about them yet! Other than some rain today, we have enjoyed lots of sunshine and focused on being outside. Some highlights so far this week:

Plateau: Plateau spent a morning at Program Village where they got to explore some of our main program areas. They enjoyed getting to wander through the village doing candle making, wood working, and painting.

Wittenberg: Wittenberg played Ultimate Turbo Kickball which is kickball, except with glitter, mud, and other messy things. Each base brings a new level of messiness.

Graham: Graham enjoyed a hike and a camp out to High Falls- Frost Valley’s very own waterfall out in the woods. Everyone always loves High Falls and enjoys walking out onto the platform and feeling the cool spray of water on their faces.

Peekamoose: Peekamoose ventured out onto Lake Cole for a fun afternoon of boating. They enjoyed the likes of paddle boards, row boats, and kayaks.

Hunter/ Slide: Hunter and Slide successfully completed their two night overnight. They hiked roughly eight miles over the last three days. They got to sleep under the stars and cook out over a fire. They prepared a Frost Valley classic… pita pizzas!

CiTs: Half of the CiTs departed on Tuesday for their five day hike, so far they are well and enjoying their time in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. The other half have been helping out in the dining hall and starting to plan activities to run with other villages. All CiTs have impressed us with their commitment to fine tuning their leadership skills!


We hope you have all enjoyed the week, wherever you are!


[photo: pita pizzas are a Frost Valley staple when the campers go on their overnights!]


Claire Greenwood

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