We have our own horses! After our evaluation ride, our barn manager assigns a horse to each camper which they will ride for the rest of the session. This gives the boys a great sense of independence and allows them to bond with the one they learn to ride on. In our first real lesson on Tuesday, we learnt the basics like stopping, starting and turning in circles. This helps the boys have great balance for when they are on horseback and off. The ground lesson on Tuesday was colors. We have over 90 horses at Frost Valley so we have a huge amount of different color horses. We have appaloosas, bays, chestnuts, buckskins and so many more. We always like to test Durango to see if they know what color their own horses are. They all did great!
Wednesday morning started off great! We had waterfront and the boats and trampoline were available. Waterfront is a great place for the campers to have safe fun and cool down. Then Durango went down to Reflection Pond to do Pond Ecology. We have tons of frogs, newts, frog spawn and other creatures in our bond. They were able to learn about the different minerals that are found in the pond, how the frogs evolve from spawn and how to spot different cultures that live together. They then were able to fish for frogs and newts to study them. This went down very well with the boys! After lunch we had rest hour where the boys received their emails and letters from home. Then it was back to the barn for our riding lesson. Today’s ground lesson was Parts of the Horse. We used things around the barn to teach them, then we had them use paint and paint on the real horses to point out the parts that we taught them. Tonight’s evening program is USB (ultimate sicko ball)! This is a huge game played with the whole of Wawayanda. Teams work together to steal balls from the other teams bases. If they get caught they have to stay in the teams base. We have a huge field of colorful kids! Let’s see how they do!

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