The boys love boating! Every day they all seem to head over to the boat shed and head out onto the water. I’m sure they love swimming but boating is the trend this year! After waterfront Durango went out into the woods to try shelter building. They used all natural recourses to make a shelter. Using logs, twigs, branches and even moss, they came up with some good little hideouts! When they finished we tested them by pouring water on the top! They did so good! They really enjoyed their lessons and they are really gaining confidence around their horses. They lead them to and from the lessons and lead them to water when they are done! They are all learning so much about horses like vet care, colors, breeds and so much more! Last night was also our overnight! Durango had pita pizzas cooked over an open fire for dinner followed by s’mores at our fire pit by the barn! They were meant to be sleeping outside but it was about to storm so they slept upstairs in the barn. The boys loved this and got to see the horses come into the barn in the morning!
The morning started off by overlooking the hayloft and watching all the horses come into the stalls. They watched them all walk in and then the staff follow in behind to halter and secure them. It was great for Durango to see this as they are normally still sleeping when this happens! After breakfast the boys had a bit of a cabin clean up before heading down to the pond for some pond ecology! The spent some time learning about the pond and even caught some frogs! Our time at the barn was cut a little short unfortunately due to a lot of rain but they got to have a little down time in the cabin before dinner. Tonight’s activity is dodgeball! They are programing with another boys village at camp and its great to see them integrating with everyone else! A little rain never hurt anyone!

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