Thursday was great! We had the best weather which was perfect for our morning activities of waterfront and kickball! The boys loved playing kick ball and we even had some of the boys runt he activity. This gives them a sense of freedom and the responsibility of running something. Its great to see some of the leadership skills that come out! After our afternoon at the barn having another lesson we got ready for our overnight! Every session, every village has an overnight off in the woods that surround camp. But here at the horse barn we do things a little differently as we like to program as much stuff to do with horses as we can. We had our overnight at the barn! This was great for Durango to wake up to the horses coming in for their breakfast. They overlook from our hay loft down to our 32 stall barn. The barn manager lets horses in the main gate and they step into the stalls and wait for counselors to step in and put halters on them and then tie them to the wall to make it safe for people to walk around the barn. After a nice relaxing morning of being in the cabin and receiving mail. We had candle making. This is a chance for the boys to be creative making it as big or as small as they want. Hopefully they last long enough to make it home to show you all! This evenings program was MORTAL NOODLE! This is the best game! Mortal noodle is a game with two teams. Each team has one person blindfolded and the teams have to guide their team mate to the noodle to then have a sword fight! The boys enjoy this game a lot as you can imagine. Did someone say Saturday bareback day?!

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