It’s almost the end of summer! The boys have had the best last few days. Tuesday started off with a visit to the nature room where they learnt a little bit about snakes and even got to pet our resident snake Houdini! They were all so interested and now some of them want one as a pet! Sorry! After a great afternoon of riding and hanging out with their friends, they tried out some break dancing! They were amazing! They learnt a couple of dances in our dance studio! Maybe they can teach you when they are home!
Wednesday was so different! They got to experience our Gymkhana theme day! Gymkhana is games on and off of horse back! Our theme for this sessions Gymkhana day was Under the Sea! They did games where they had to weave barrels, find fish food and fill the ocean which consisted of them carrying a cup on water whilst on horseback to the other end of the arena and put it in another bucket! They also built boats and raced them in our water troughs. Durango made some amazing boats just by using the nature around them. Then they had a nice relaxing evening doing arts and crafts and building a fire.

So today is our last day. The boy’s belongings are all packed. Their cabin is clean and they all have each other’s contact details! It’s amazing to see these boys get on so well and know they will be friends for years to come. They have had some amazing experiences and can’t wait to tell you all about them! We hope to see you all again next year for Durango 2018!

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