Session 3 is here and that means we have some bright eyed new Four Week girls, who are excited to dive in and have lots of fun for the next four weeks! Sunday night we started off the session with opening camp fire. On top of camp songs and creating session goals, the girls had the opportunity to show off some awesome talents. To list just a few there were dances, songs, acrobatics, and skits! There was a lot of laughter and fun all around!

Today was Evaluation day, so the four week girls started their morning in arts and crafts where they made core value posters to hang in the dining hall. They turned out really cool and I’m super proud of the effort that they put into them. Waterfront came next and it was a relaxing time for the girls to hang out and get to know each other better. After lunch the girls had evaluation rides. Eval rides are simply used to see how each girl rides and to help determine which horse will be a good match for their four weeks here at East Valley Ranch. When their rides were done the girls spent time learning how to work with horses in the barn and refreshed their memories on things like tacking up the horses, leading and tying, and how to clean the barn. Evening program for tonight is a camp favorite… USB!! USB is a game similar to capture the flag with lots of running, but with more teams and more flag items. It pretty much equals amazing!

We have a lot of exciting thing planned for this second four week session and we at East Valley Ranch are just as excited as the girls to get started!

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