Hello! My name is Claire and I am the Village Chief here at East Valley Ranch. I am from England and this is my third summer here at Frost Valley. EVR is my favourite place because we have such brilliant horses and everyone gets to know each other so well. Over the summer I will be keeping this blog updated so that you can all keep up to date with what’s happening here.

We’re so excited that Session 1 is finally here! It’s so great to see so many familiar faces return as well as lots of new faces to get to know. Yesterday was Eval day where all of the campers get to ride for the first time and learn how everything works here at EVR. Everyone was fantastic on their horses and enjoyed their first ride. Once everyone had settled in to life at East Valley Ranch, we went to the Farm to go Boating! This was a first for everyone, including all of our returning campers, so we were super excited. The girls were able to enjoy a nice relaxing paddle on the boating lake as well as the chance to explore for wildlife. Lots of them were successful in catching newts which they learned about before setting free. After dinner we played a game called paper bag skits which involves groups performing a skit with a bag full of different objects which they need to include. We had some hilarious skits from different groups acting out different movies and it seems that we have some budding actresses amongst us!

This morning after breakfast all of the girls found out who their assigned horse for the session is and there was so much excitement! They then got to ride in their lesson groups for the first time today and we are really pleased with how well they did! Keep reading to find out how well they get on!

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