Is it really Friday already?!

We have been so busy this week and the weather has been great, allowing us to do all our fun activities! The girls have been outside a lot playing kickball, volleyball, gagaball and tetherball. On Wednesday night for our evening activity, we headed down to the Farm!! We participated in a Frost Valley tradition- Challenge Night! They do challenges that vary from longest hola hooper, best counselor impression, weirdest body contortion and best dance. The girls had the best time and loved getting involved and meeting their new farm friends. After Challenge Night, the 2 weekers headed our on their overnight! Yurts 3 and 5 headed over the cable bridge at the Farm and set up camp at their campsite. They put up tarps, sang songs, and fell asleep under the stars. Yurts 1 and 2 came back to EVR and slept outside of the barn, listening to sounds of the horses in the back paddocks.

Yesterday, the girls did our low ropes course! This is a great way for the girls to build on their team working skills, as when one person is climbing, there has to be 4 other girls on the ground being spotters to make sure no one falls over. Communication is key!

Last night the girls went out on a night hike! They learned that pirates wear eyepatches so that they can see in the dark when they take it off, how you can smell stronger smells if you wet your nose, and how you can hear different things if you put you hands either in front or behind your ears!

Today, the girls are all riding this morning, and most of them have now done hand trotting! It has been amazing to see how they have improved from day one! 


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