Here at EVR the girls have been busy getting to know their assigned horses in their riding lessons and they have all already progressed a great deal. In their ground lessons they have been learning about different horse breeds and colours, vet care and the points of the horse. They have been able to use all of this new knowledge with the horses at the barn which they have enjoyed. Yesterday we had all camp waterfront in the afternoon which was loads of fun and all the girls got to hang out and swim down at the farm. For evening programme we played a game in the empty horse barn in the dark where someone is the tagger and tags two people, then everyone else needs to try and guess who the tagger was. This is one of our games that the girls look forward to playing the most and they really enjoyed themselves. Yesterday afternoon we played lots of different soccer games in teams to get our team spirit flowing before playing a big game of soccer all together. The girls showed some really great sportsmanship skills and cheered each other on and it was a closely fought game!

Away from the barn, today the girls have been enjoying spending time in the arts and crafts barn making candles and tie dying T-shirts. All of their white clothes got a tie dye makeover and their candles are really inventive and colourful. Have a look out for photos on smugmug! This afternoon we will be heading back down to the farm to go swimming in the watering hole before dinner. This evening’s EP is BOPPERS which is an epic game that involves teams completing challenges to earn words that all together create a sentence. However, there are counsellors who are ‘boppers’ who run around tagging the teams trying to stop them from getting to each challenge. All of the girls who have been here for previous sessions love this EP and are super excited about this!

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