Session four has begun and we are SO excited!! Everybody moved into their yurts, got to see old friends and make new ones too! Everybody got to have a tour of camp, meet new people and get settled into their new home for 2 weeks! There were happy faces all around! Last night’s dinner was pizza, which of course was enjoyed by everyone!! After this we had our opening campfire where we sang lots of campfire songs, and each yurt performed a skit to everybody else. Everybody got involved and the skits were so funny! We also had individual performances where the girls got to show off their own talents. We got to see magicians, singers, and ukulele players, which were all amazing!! After this we set our goals! For each session of camp, we give each camper a piece of card with ‘My EVR goal is…’ and everybody writes their own goal or goals for the session. It can be anything and helps give everyone something they want to work towards and achieve within the two weeks! And could there be a campfire without s’mores?! To finish our opening campfire of course we made our own delicious s’mores!!

This morning the girls begun there first full day, and love it already! Today is our evaluation day, which everybody was excited about because that means riding horses! This is a chance for the girls to get into the saddle again, or for the very first time and see what it is like! This gives Megs an idea of which horse each camper would be best suited to for the session. The girls got to meet all of our horses and also learn lots about the barn. The campers all get a chance to learn about how we groom, tack, lead and tie our horses! After they learn how to, they get to groom and tack their own horses, as well as lead them into the lesson arenas! This morning half of the girls got to go to waterfront and the rest are having a chance to go this afternoon! This means that the girls can cool off in the steam and go swimming, or hang-out and relax with their friends!

This evening’s programme is Geronimo, which is a game where everybody has a seat except one. It’s a game of speed where everyone switches seats – the campers always love it and it is always one of the most talked about activities!! The girls all get to find out their horse assignments tomorrow morning and are already very excited! This means there are going to know which horse they will be riding and getting to look after for the next two weeks!

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