Everyone at EVR has been super busy having lots of fun! `Today is the 5th day of riding and the girls have really been able to get to know their horses well and are all doing so great in their lessons!! Over the past few days they have all been learning lots and been super busy in different activities! Yesterday the girls got to perform their own horseless horse show where they designed an obstacle course and then each took turns to be the horse themselves to go around it, which they all found hilarious and loved! Today they learnt about horse vet care where they got to put what they learnt into practice by tending to a few cuts and scratches the horses had!

During our non-horse time we have also been doing really fun things, including challenging ourselves and trusting each other during low rope obstacles. We have been having so much fun, that the rain couldn’t even keep us down! Yesterday afternoon the girls had some hang out time where they got to choose been three different activities. Everyone got to choose between playing board games, catching up and watching some of the Rio Olympics Games, or playing games that included: 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Mafia! Everyone had lots of fun! As our evening activity last night, everyone had the choice of watching one of two films (one in our couch room, and one in our basement): Spirit and Kung Fu Panda 3! The girls got ready, showered and put their PJs on for a relaxed evening of movies and popcorn of course!!

Today everyone is having the chance to play different sports and games in a period of playing team games of Kickball, Volleyball and Rounders! After this everybody has a chance to go and cool off in the stream!

Tonight’s evening activity has been planned by our Wranglers in Training, and everybody is very excited to find out what they have planned for us!

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