This week the girls have been making huge progress in their riding groups, and it is great to see their confidence around the horses grow every day. In their lesson time the girls have started going out on trail rides around the mountains which is a great way to put all the skills they have learnt in the arena to good use. The trails that we took allowed the girls to take their horses through the river and into the woods where they saw some amazing wildlife from their horses and they rode back to camp with big smiles on their faces. On Monday we played a big game of USB (Ultimate Sicko Ball) which I’m sure most of the girls will agree, is the best camp game. It involves four different teams who wear different coloured shirts and are each given a section of the field to defend. Each section has two balls and the aim is to get as many balls from other sections as possible. Everyone loved it and it was a closely fought game!

Today instead of going swimming the girls have been spending some time at the Farm boating and learning how to do archery. These are both new activities this year, so it was fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves and getting to try something new. We also took the girls on a hike in the woods this morning and played a big game of camouflage which is basically like hide and seek, but it can be called at any time during the hike! It has been really nice for everyone to get out and about around camp and to enjoy the beautiful area that we are in. This evenings EP is East plus West where Mustang village come to visit. The girls have already made lots of posters to welcome the Mustang girls and they are excited to meet them later.

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