This week in their riding lessons the girls have been heading out on the beautiful trails we have around EVR and they have been able to put in to practise all the skills they have learnt on their horses in the arena. Going out on trail rides is very different to having a lesson because the horses walk over all sorts of different terrain-  through rivers, up hills, down ditches and learning to balance on your horse is an important skill when walking through these kinds of areas. All of the girls have loved this experience, especially as it gives them chance to see more of the beautiful surroundings and wildlife we have here. As well as riding, the girls have been learning about round pen in their ground lessons. Round pen is a training method we use with our horses that applies natural horsemanship principals. The aim is to communicate using body language in a way that the horse understands in order to gain their trust and show them that you are not a threat. If done correctly, the horse should come in towards the person in the middle and follow them around, something known as ‘join up’. The girls absolutely loved having the chance to do this and Jack followed every single one of them! Round pen can be a really magical thing in helping you create a bond with your horse, so the girls found it fascinating to watch and experience.

Last night for EP we had a movie night where the girls got to curl up in the couch room in their PJs and watch Spirit- Stallion of the Cimarron which is a camp classic! They loved having the chance to relax as well as singing along to their favourite parts of the movie.  Today the girls will be watching the 4 week girls perform their drill team display which is a routine to music that they have created with their horses. They have worked super hard practising and making decorations so we are all excited to see their hard work pay off! Tonight for evening programme we have Mustang Village coming to visit to do challenge night with us. Yesterday we made decorations for the dining hall so that they will feel really welcome when they arrive. Tomorrow will be our last full day of not only this session, but the summer as a whole, where has the time gone!

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