This week is our second week of riding, which means TRAIL RIDES!!!! Now that the girls have learnt how to control their horses and they have been able to get to know their horses really well, they get to take them out of the arena on a trail ride! Each riding group got the chance to take their horses through the stream and up into the mountain through the beautiful forest for a whole lesson period!! During the ground lessons this week, they have been using their own creative minds to design their own perfect barn and perfect horses!! The girls have also had a chance to have a go at round pen, which is a technique we use to bond with the horses, gain their trust and join up – which they all loved!!!

During times when the girls aren’t riding we have been super busy!! We have used our teamwork skills during a hilarious game of three-legged soccer!! The girls also got a chance to play parachute games, which was great to have everybody involved and playing together at trying to either keep a ball from falling off, or from the cats catching the mice!

We have also continued our nature hikes and low ropes in rotation so that everyone gets the chance to try everything before they leave!! The girls really enjoy the nature hikes and going up into the mountain and playing games. They have also been building friendship groups and trust during challenging low rope activities!

Yesterday the girls had a super active day and we gave them a chance to choose which water activity they would like to choose to cool off in! The girls got to choose between going to waterfront and swimming in the stream, creaking in the stream or boating!!

Last night we had our EAST + WEST NIGHT!!! Which means that Mustang Village came over from main camp to EVR for evening program. The EVR girls all had a great time making new friends and being role models for the younger girls, who one day will get the chance to come and be an EVR camper too!! The EVR girls were so excited for this and all had a great evening playing BOPPERS!!!!

We have lots of activities that the girls are going to be doing this afternoon – we want to try to do as much as possible in our last afternoon of session one!!! The girls are going to turn out all of their horses they rode this morning and put them in the field! We are going to be playing a fun game of dodge ball, followed by some arts and crafts!! We’re going to finish our tie-dyeing and making our awesome bead creatures!!

This evening we are having our closing campfire, where the girls will get to share the goals they set themselves and to see if they’ve achieved it, or more!! We will also get to sing some songs and share our memories of the amazing first session of 2016!!!

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