The Four Week Girls have settled right back into camp life so easily it’s like they never left! After finding out their assigned horses on Tuesday morning, the girls have been spending as much time as they can in getting to know their horses. They are tacking, grooming, and leading their own horses, as well as helping around the barn. In riding lessons the girls are progressing with flying colors. They have already made great progress and I can’t wait to see how much they will grow and learn in four weeks! Off the horses in ground lessons the girls have been learning and refreshing their memory on topics like parts of the horse, vet care, and nutrition. At the end of the week they will start preparing to teach each other their own ground lessons with a partner!

Outside of the barn, the four week girls have been given a project in the arts and crafts department. They are on a mission to create a binder full of arts and crafts ideas/instructions for others to reference when not feeling artsy. They are letting their creative juices flow and have come up with some awesome ideas! The girls have also been spending time relaxing at waterfront on the hot days we have had. Plus, they got to go boating down at the farm for the very first time in EVR history! It was super exciting and they are good little boaters! Seaworthy for sure. They are getting to know each other really well through these activities and have been strengthening their friendships through team building activities such as low ropes course and soccer.

I’m excited to see what the next four weeks brings! Stay tuned because we have more exciting things coming up, including tonight’s evening program called Boppers!

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