Happy Monday! The Four Week Girls had an exciting weekend of Bareback Saturday and Theme day Sunday. For bareback day all the girls rode without a saddle! It gives the girls the opportunity to learn how to balance with the movement of their horse and it is really good for improving your riding position. Plus it’s super fun and the girls love it! They enjoyed playing lots of games during bareback and some of them even preferred riding bareback to riding with a saddle! The girls also spent time bonding with their horses through show grooming and practiced their braiding skills to make our horses look extra clean and shiny! In the afternoon we switch from Bareback Saturday to Wacky Water Saturday which involves all of EVR! For this we split up into groups and did a giant obstacle race, played drip, drip, drop and had fun on the slip ‘n slide which gave everyone chance to cool down in the hot afternoon sun. In the evening after dinner we had a giant Quiz night where the girls were divided into 7 teams and were tested on their horse and music knowledge as well as how well they know their counselors. The counsellors also took part in challenges to win points for their teams and we had very closely fought squat and spoon balancing challenges!


Theme day Sunday was a blast due to the best theme ever of …..Color Wars! The girls were lucky enough to be able to sleep in and they awoke to brunch at 10.30 of waffles and ice cream which they all loved. After that we announced the theme for the day and split them into different color groups. Our first activity was a game of barrel ball where they worked together in teams to knock a cone off two barrels and which everyone enjoyed playing. After that we headed down to the creek to build cairns with the rocks in the river, the girls managed to make some really impressive ones that look very artistic! In the afternoon we played lots of color related games against the different teams such as paint twister and mortal noodle as well as painting each other’s faces lots of bright colors. In the evening we enjoyed a nice barbeque outside on the lawn to make the most of a lovely evening before having some hangout time with s’mores before bed.


Today the four week girls have headed back to normal riding lessons and activities like quidditch which an adaption of the Harry Potter quidditch with brooms, goals, and a snitch but without the flying of course. The girls also started working on their ground lessons that they will be teaching in the next couple of days. This evening’s EP is Staff Demo where the girls get to watch their counselors and instructors ride which they always look forward to!

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