The girls have all been really busy with lots of different activities since the last blog post. We have been learning lots about our horses and the girls are getting to know their horses really well – both during their riding lessons and ground lessons, and have learnt lots, such as how to care and look after a horse with horse vet care, and horse nutrition! The girls have been helping with stable management and turning out the horses to the pastures for the evenings.

The four-seekers have been working on some arts & crafts activities, and have made some amazing posters that are up in our dining hall! We have been playing some sports activities, which has been great for the girls as they have been teaming up with girls from other yurts and riding groups. Last night’s evening program was Wells Fargo, and was a huge hit with the girls as they’re already asking if they can play it again! It involves two teams, where each team has some gold in each of their banks, which the other team can steal and win for their own team. However everyone also has a sock attached to them, which can also be stolen, but once you lose a sock, you’re frozen until somebody gives you a sock they have collected back. Everyone loved this game because you can chose a strategy that suits you – meaning everyone got involved and had a great evening of fun!!

The girls have also spent time at our waterfront swimming, and creaking in our stream, as well as boating at the farm – all have been really enjoyed by the girls and they all seem to love the water!

Today everyone got a chance to go to farm camp, meet and play with lots of different animals! They got to meet goats, lamb, piglets, cows and many more!!

Tonight’s evening program is a nature night hike, which will be really fun for the girls to dress in dark clothes and camouflage themselves for the games during the hike!




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