Session 3 has flown by!

On Tuesday the Four Week girls finished up their preparations for the ground lessons that they will teach each other. They came up with some pretty creative ideas on how to present their information, including horse jeapordy and an foot jumping course! The girls have also been helping out at the barn everyday before lunch by watering horses and checking that every horse has hay to munch on. They love the responsibility and of course the extra time with the horses. Tuesday night the four week girls also played a new evening program that they found really fun. It’s called ‘Letters to Garcia’ and in a nut shell it is a team courier game. The campers had to find and deliver messages to the correct staff members to earn a point for their team.

On Wednesday the girls went Creeking, where they caught tadpoles and looked for craw fish. They loved playing around in the creek and just generally have a grand ole time. Some of the girls taught their ground lessons and the other girls finished them up today. They were super fun and informative lessons! They also went to waterfront and had a relaxing hang out time. Also East Plus West was last night’s evening program! Al Filries came and orchestrated challenge night. It was super fun and exciting to have the Mustang girls be a part of Challenge night. A couple of girls even got to see sisters and cousins from Mustang! The four week girls also decided on a drill team theme for session 4! Drum roll…….Spirit of the Cimarron Herd!

Riding lesson have been going swell. Each group has been progressing every day and the bond that the girls are creating with their horses is amazing. I’m super excited to see what they achieve in the upcoming weeks!

Tonight is closing campfire for session 3. The four week girls will be saying good bye to new and old friends, but they are excited to see and meet new friends!

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