The rain can’t keep us down here at EVR!

On Wednesday the girls started a group project to create an Arts and Crafts binder that will be filled with craft ideas for other campers to reference. It is coming along  quite well and they are getting very creative with it. They also splish-splashed on one of the best summer activites ever invented…The Slip N’Slide! We had some fabulous distance sliders, as well as a few stylish sliders. After drying off they headed to the barn for riding lessons and a ground lesson  on horse nutrition. The four week girls have still been able to ride plenty in their lessons and have been taking special pride in brushing their horses clean. Everyday the girls progress in their lessons and it is quite a unique experience to watch each of the girls bond with and get to know their horses better.

On Thursday the  girls were able to go swimming down at the farm for the first time which they were all excited about, they sang so loud I could hear them over the tractor the whole way there! They also started to teach each other some basic ground lessons like vet care, colors and markings, and parts of the horse, which they are having lots of fun doing. For evening program the girls learned a new game called Boppers, which was pretty awesome! They had to form teams and find counselors around the ranch that each had a word to one sentence. There were fun challenges all around, not least of all the boppers that chased them with flour filled socks!

Read on in a couple of days to find out more of what the four week girls are up to!


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