Friday was a relaxed day where the girls spent time playing volleyball and chilling at waterfront before making some delicious banana boats around the campfire for evening program. The girls did of course also have their normal riding lessons and it is great to see the girls all progressing with their assigned horses.

Saturday at EVR is bareback day! That means that everyone is given a riding lesson without a saddle! Riding bareback is a fantastic way to improve a rider’s position and balance, as you don’t have a saddle to rely on to keep you secure. Even though the weather didn’t comply with our plans, the girls had big smiles on their faces and really loved riding without a saddle. As well as riding, the four week girls decorated the dining  hall for the surprise masquerade ball we threw for the 4th of July! They got all dressed up and wore masks that they decorated themselves. We took photos of all of the girls on the red carpet before dancing the night away to our favourite tunes and had a great time.

For Theme Day Sunday the horses have a day off and the girls get to sleep in before brunch at 10.30 so that everyone is nice and rested. After a traditional brunch of waffles, ice cream, eggs and sausages the theme for the day was revealed as…. The Olympics! All of the girls were divided into countries and given tasks to complete in order to earn a clue which then lead to the next clue. This was followed by a big slip ‘n slide, a water fight and other water activities. In the evening, we got a hayride down to Farm Camp for a BBQ, games and dancing. All of the girls enjoyed making new friends at the farm and making the most of the different games that are available there. Today it is back to riding and ground lessons and we have been busy making posters for East plus West which is our evening program on Wednesday. Tonight we are playing USB which is a camp favourite!

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