The girls have been doing an awesome job in all their lessons this week, and are all progressing really well! During their ground lessons this week they have had a chance to have a go at round pen, which is a technique we use to bond with the horses, gain their trust and join up – which they all loved!!! They have also had the chance to learn about horse conformation and horse massage, as well as learning about different stretches using carrots! As a part of the four-week program, the girls get the chance to learn about how lessons from an instructors’ point of view works. They have started learning about this by looking at how lessons progress from beginner to advance. The girls have been helping the two-weekers turn out all of the horses and put them into the field after riding as well!

During times when the girls aren’t riding we have been super busy!! We have used our teamwork skills during a challenging morning of high ropes – and some of the girls even blindfolded themselves as an added extra challenge!! Yesterday the girls had a super active day and we gave them a chance to choose which water activity they would like to choose to cool off in! The girls got to choose between going to waterfront and swimming in the stream, creaking in the stream or boating!! This morning the girls played their very own game of Quiddich and they have been having song-writing fiestas!!! They’re writing a song with all of their own memories and experiences that they have had over the past 2 weeks, and will continue to add to in the upcoming weeks!!

Last night we had our EAST + WEST NIGHT!!! Which means that Mustang Village came over from main camp to EVR for evening program. The EVR girls all had a great time making new friends and being role models for the younger girls, who one day will get the chance to come and be an EVR camper too!! The EVR girls were so excited for this and all had a great evening playing BOPPERS!!!!

This week is our second week of riding, which means a TRAIL RIDE!!!! Now that the girls have learnt how to control their horses and they have been able to get to know their horses really well, they get to take them out of the arena on a trail ride! All of the girls get to take their horse through the stream and up into the mountain through the beautiful forest for a whole morning tomorrow!!

This evening we are having our closing campfire, where the girls will get to share the goals they set themselves and to see if they’ve achieved it, or more!! We will also get to sing some songs and share our memories of the amazing first session of 2016 and say goodbye to our two-weeker friends!!!

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