Hi everyone! Sorry we haven’t posted over the weekend but we are just having so much fun!
On Saturday the girls did bareback riding which was awesome as they learned more about how their horses moved and improved their technique and balance. That night they had a dance party! Everyone got involved in the singing and dancing and a great day was had by all!
We had a pirate theme day on Sunday! All the girls dressed up as pirates and went on a scavenger hunt, having to do challenges such as raft building, walk the plank and water balloon fights as they went. We worked up an appetite with all the running around, so we ended the night with a barbecue!
This week we have introduced Specialties. This is where the girls get to decide whether they carry on with their arena lessons, or learn about how to ride trail rides!
Last night we all had a slumber party in the East Valley Lodge! The girls made banana boats, this is when you cut open a banana and stuff it with marshmallows and chocolate, then wrap it all in tin foil and roast it over the campfire! They  were delicious!

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