What an amazing week we have had at EVR!

On Sunday we had our Moana Theme Day! The girls had so much fun dressing up as a tribe, making up their own songs from the movie, making ships and racing theme down the river and doing really fun obstacle courses in the barn! To top it all off, we had

an outdoor cinema viewing of MOANA!!!

Last night the staff put on a drill team riding performance. The girls loved to see just how advanced our horses are, and our staff rode them exactly the same way we have been teaching the girls! The Farm also came over to watch it with us!

All the girls who have chosen a

rena lessons for their specialties have now trotted! This shows just how much they have progressed in less than two weeks, and the great bond between both horse and rider. The girls who picked to go out on trails have been up the mountain today, visiting the top pasture where some of the horses live during the weekend! They practiced their steering, going up and down steep hills and controlling their horses in open spaces.

Our ground lesson yesterday was understanding horse behavior. The girls got a chance to go in our round pen with one of our horses and practice the joi


n up technique. Join Up is where t


he girls established a role of leadership in

the ‘herd’ – they pushed the horse away from them and controlled its movement until a trust was formed. All the girls were successful in forming this relationship and it was really cool to see them in this role.

The girls have had the chance to go boating and do archery at the Farm! They go on boats called funyaks, corcls, or canoes, and they can also fish for newts! Its a great way to cool down on a hot day!

Last night we had some special visitors! Our little sister village, Mustang, are joined us to play a big game of Boppers! This is where they have to compete different challenges, but on the way they could be hit by a ‘Bopper’ and have to stop and wait for a ‘fairy’ to save them! The winning team is the one who completes all the challenges first! Mustang also had there overnight here, hopefully they saw why people fall in love with EVR as much as we all have!

Can you believe today is the last full day of camp?!!!

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